Laboratory Equipment

We can manufacture anything that you might require for a soil and plant analysis laboratory.

Vacuum manifolds

Vacuum manifold are attached to a vacuum pump for efficient extraction of air from sample tubes for gas sampling. Our manifolds are complete with Luer taper to take needles for septum and are fully tested to 2x equivalent absolute vacuum.

Soil roller grinder

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Soil grinders are crucial to effective representative sampling from bulk soil samples. A roller grinder takes course ground soil and hammers, in a jar and rotates it slowly reducing the soil to fine particle size.


 Sieving equipment

Sieving is used prior to sub sampling as an important standard for analytical procedures. Pushing soil through sieves is labor intensive and the right block to do so can make it much more efficient and prevent contamination.

    Hollow Stainless Steel Sieve Blocks

Incubation Chambers

Incubation chambers are made to specification diameter and length with optional gas sampling ports, lids, sharpened ends for extracting intact field soils etc