Greenhouse Gas Chambers

With extensive experience in operation of greenhouse gas chambers and sampling, we understand what is needed in a chamber for it to be easy to use and cost and time effective.

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Box chambers

Aluminium framed, Perspex sheeted, insulated, chambers and extensions. Complete with air circulating fan, vent, sampling port and battery connector. 3mm, double flanged stainless steel bases stay square and flat during insertion into soil.

Double walled box chamber 

Similar feature to the box chamber but with a double skinned Perspex wall encapsulating insulation in a composite sheet, the result is a finely finished chamber with very durable insulated walls.

 PVC push on lid chamber

We developed this chamber to be easy to use with flexibility of lid-chamber quantities. Durable chambers don’t fracture when being driven into soil.


PVC ¼ turn chamber

1/4 turn lids fitted to chambers provide a good solution for some GHG sampling applications.


Split PVC chamber

Minimising the effect of measurement equipment on that which you are trying to measure is a significant issue. Split chambers help to minimize this by allowing a base ring to be stay in the soil, standing only a few cm’s above the soil surface waiting for a chamber to be place on it for gas collection.